As the part of Social Science Project, SKP Vanitha International  School organized a field trip for the students of classes VII and VIII to the  HERITAGE DAIRY FARM on 30TH November 2018.

The Farm manager, welcomed the students and took them to various sections of the farm. Reaching the Dairy Farm, the students were excited to see the transportation of milk from the vehicles to the rating section, where the milk is checked and rated according to its quality. They also visited the different sections of the farm and learnt about filtration and storage of milk.

The students were taken to the pasteurizing lab where they were explained about the importance of milk diet and its nutritional value. The little scholars were guided and their doubts were clarified by honorable Vice – Principal Ms. Sangeeta Roy.

End of the session, the students were relaxed and enjoyed by having some tasty biscuits and a glass of milk provided by the farm authority.

As a follow up activity, students were instructed to write a paragraph on their experience of the visit and this short trip brought the children in direct contact with the surroundings and various processes involved in Dairy farming. It was a valuable learning experience for them.

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