A farm visit that explores how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way for children to understand and connect with where their food comes from. Children come away from farm field trips forever connected to local food and farms. Students form relationships with the people who grow their food and gain a deeper understanding of rural ways of life. Through the hands-on experiences of farm field trips, children explore new ideas, discover their own strengths, and awaken new interest.

In today’s mainstream academic environment, learning takes place prodigiously through reading, listening, and writing rather than doing the activity. SKPVIS believes in activities that facilitate learning through experience and exploration with a fun outing.
On 22nd February 2019, tender hearts of SKPVIS visited a nursery and farmland. The little tots saw beautiful flowers and creepers. The stages of plant growth. The kids were so excited seeing the hanging bitter gourds and bottle gourds. All together it was a new experience to our kindergarteners.