Art of Parenting

To make aware the parents that the Parenting is an art of nurturing children and improve their ability to hold the attention of their children, both SKP Vanitha International and Matriculation schools organized a program named, Art of Parenting in the Auditorium of SKP Campus. The entire auditorium was overflowed with parents by the time the dignitaries arrived on the stage. The program was administrated by Dr. Mrs.Jayanthasri Balakrishnan who is a prominent public speaker.

The session started by invoking the almighty by Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Respected Principal Ms. Pratibha Shyam gave a warm welcome speech which created an amicable and harmonious atmosphere in the auditorium. Then the honourable chairman and respected Principals of both schools facilitated honoured the esteemed chief guest by presenting a shawl and memento.

The esteemed Chairman Mr.K.Karunanithi delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of the session. He highlighted the actual denotation of Art of Parenting throughout his speech and he inaugurated the PALPAP APP which helps the parents to get the information about their children up to date. The features of the PALPAP APP was explained to the audience by CTO of the school Mr. Raja Venkatesh.

After the inauguration of the School Application, The session Art of Parenting was started by the Dr.Mrs.Jayanthasri Balakrishnan. It was a course about how to raise well adjusted children who are empathic, loving, intelligent, and happy. She insisted the  parents to say “NO” to their children and Parents should not be a proxy to their children. She had beautifully mentioned that Parenting is a beautiful assignment given by god and that parents needed to be very vigilant about various factors like environment, age specific needs of children, behaviour management techniques and available family support services etc. The session was ended when the resource person clarified the doubts of the eager parents.

Respected Vice Principal Ms Sangeeta Roy proposed the Vote of thanks.

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