2nd Annual Day Celebration

SKP Vanitha International School hosted its 2nd Annual day celebration on 16th March, 2019 with great pomp and splendour. The theme of the annual day was REFLECTION. The school was privileged by the presence of Mr. S. Bathrinath ,Renowned Cricketer. who in spite of his busy schedule had kindly consented to be the chief guest. This is the day when our students put forth their talents and skills through various performances.

The program started by invoking the almighty by School prayer followed by Tamil Thai Vazhthu. The esteemed Chairman Mr.K.Karunanithi,presided over the program along with Honourable Secretary of the school Dr.K.Latha Saikishore . The Cricket Academy was officially inaugurated by the chief Guest, which was followed by a charismatic speech by him. The esteemed Chairman Mr.K.Karunanithi, eloquently addressed the gathering with his views on futuristic vision.

The Annual Report was presented by the Honourable Principal, Ms Pratibha Shyam which traced the long strides and significant progress made in the last year by SKP Vanitha International School.

Through the Music Play ‘REFLECTION’, the Parents who gathered in large number on the wonderful eve, understand the importance of spending their quality time with their children and how to teach them the moral values to be responsible citizens.

The play REFLECTION is set around two boys named Vivek and Manav,Vivek belongs to a family where the importance is given for moral values. His parents are dedicated and spending quality time with their son to make him a good and responsible citizen whereas the family of Vivek gives inappropriate and unhealthy surroundings for him to grow himself.

The drama brought out the influence of our conscious mind on our behavoiur. Here the main character VIVEK represented the conscious mind of a human and MANAV represented the behaviour of a human. The conscious mind is analytical and logical so our behaviour is governed by the conscious mind. These abstract states of mind and heart took shape and form through scintillating sound and spectacle.

The performance that inspired the audience and they completely lost themselves in the drama , The Honourable Vice Principal, Ms.Sangeeta Roy, who was the director of the wonderful drama ,inspired the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and office staff with her illuminating ideas to run their hearts out to make each act be staged perfectly. The tedious practice of the students could be seen when they performed. The upbeat glitter of music and dance added a perfect layer to the show. With such adrenaline rush throughout the celebrations, it can only be concluded that the Skpvians are adept at setting the stage on fire!!

The Cultural Extravaganza gave a perfect opportunity for all the students not only showcase their talents but also work in collaboration and cooperation. In this way the annual concert was not only a cultural event but also a big part of an educational process. The whole processes of rigorous rehearsals and getting prepared for the performances helped the students develop their social skills, creative expressions and gain self-confidence.

The show was splendid in all forms. Staged with a huge team from each and every class, It enthralled the audience with its resplendence and thematic beauty. The participants, from classes LKG to VIII, did everything they could to make the event a grand success.

The day rose to a final crescendo in a beautiful resonance lingering in everybody’s minds with vote of thanks. The entire programme was applauded by everybody present and will always remain etched in the memory of one and all.